5 English Idioms to Talk About Problems

Everybody has problems. 

Problems at work, problems at school, challenges to be faced in relationships you’re in and in the projects you are working on. But problems and challenges are often opportunities to grow! And it’s good to have the help of others in overcoming the challenges you face.

But of course, as with many other things, English has developed many idioms to help communicate about the problems we face in life.

Practicing these five idioms will help you get your message across clearly as you share about your own problems or help others with theirs:


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Business Expressions

Idioms and figures of speech are a key part of every language.  We all know several in our native tongues, and we probably just know them instinctively.  It isn’t until you have to explain them to a non-native speaker, or until you learn a new language yourself, that you realize how many they are and how odd they can be.  

For example, one phrase that is used in English to communicate that an action you are doing won’t produce results for a long time, if ever, is “until the cows come home.”  


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Sports Idioms

America is slowly coming around to enjoying soccer (or football, as the rest of the world calls it), but the three dominant sports remain football (American football, that is), baseball, and basketball. The American sports world is busy right now. College football just wrapped up with Clemson University surprising everyone by beating the University of Alabama to win the national championship. The New England Patriots are preparing to play the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, with Tom Brady appearing in his record 9th Super Bowl. The NBA is approaching the All Star Break, and college basketball is little more than a month away from March Madness. Baseball, commonly called America’s past time, gets started in less than 3 weeks, with pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training in Florida and Arizona to prepare for the upcoming season.


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