How to Order Coffee in English

How to Order Coffee in English

Coffee and English… the two “global languages” together in one spot. No matter where you go in the world, ordering coffee in English can be very useful.

Watch this video and use the practice exercises below to feel confident when ordering your next morning cup-of-Joe or afternoon pick-me-up!

Speaking Practice:

Read the below conversation at a coffee shop out loud, specifically practicing your responses. When you’re ready, click the right arrow to move to the next part of the conversation.

Practice Exercises

Read the questions from the barista in the conversations below, and check the box for each answer that is correct. There are multiple correct answers for each question.

Barista: What can I get started for you?
You: __________ a small latte please.
Barista: Would you like that for here or to-go?
You: ____________.
Barista: Is there anything else we can get for you today?
You: ____________ a chocolate muffin please?

4. For extra practice, make a sentence using one or more of the vocabulary words below and share in the comments section. We will respond to let you know if you did it correctly or offer corrections.

Vocab Words: 

1. to span - the full extent of something from end to end; the amount of space that something

2. game changer - an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current
manner of doing or thinking about something

3. intimidating - having a frightening, overawing, or threatening effect

4. initial ask - the question that occurs first or at the beginning

5. sophisticated - having, revealing, or proceeding from a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture

6. variation - a change or difference in condition, amount, or level, typically with certain limits.

7. catch you off guard - To surprise someone by doing or saying something unexpected

8. payment method - how people choose to pay for a good, usually cash, checks, credit or debit cards, money orders, bank transfers and online payment services

9. no big deal - used to indicate that something is of little consequence

10. pick-me-up - a phrase used  to refer to something (in this case, coffee) that provides a boost of energy or encouragement when feeling tired or sad


Ready to start using these words and phrases in your everyday English? Click here to download the flashcard deck and start speaking like a native English speaker today!

Shadowing Exercise:

Shadowing Exercise Transcript:

Barista:Hi, what can I get started for you today?

You: Hello! Could I have an Americano please?

 Barista: Absolutely, will that be for here or to-go?
You: Can I get it for here please?
Barista: Anything else we can get for you today?
You: Just the drink.
Barista: Ok, your total comes out to $3.69 (three sixty-nine). Will you be paying with cash or credit card?
You: Cash.
Barista: Thank you! We’ll call out your drink at the counter when it’s ready. Have a good day!
You: Thank you. You too!

Response / Challenge Question: 

Practice how you would make a special request for your order at a coffee shop. Maybe you want a special kind of milk or you want to add a dessert to your order. Write your answer in the comments below.