5 Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Loved on Mother’s Day

We love Mother’s Day because we are thankful for the opportunity to set aside a day to celebrate our moms worldwide! Moms work tirelessly, love sacrificially, and none of us would be who we are – or even be on the earth – without them!

When thinking about the best way to celebrate our moms this Mother’s Day, we want to choose the method that will make her feel the most loved, known, and significant. Everyone receives and gives love differently, but most people in the world receive love in one of five different ways we call the Love Languages. The Love Languages are 1) acts of service 2) words of affirmation 3) quality time 4) physical touch and 5) giving gifts.


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In our lives we daily find ourselves in situations where one action or circumstance depends on another.

“If you finish your homework, you can go to the movies.”

“If you become President someday, I’ll be your Vice President.”

“If I had been a better track runner, I could have made it to the Olympics.”

Conditional tenses are used to talk about what could happen, what might have happened, and what we wish would happen. For conditionals, most sentences we use in English contain the word if.

Let’s look at the four levels of conditional phrases: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, and third conditional.


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The words some and any can be used when someone does not have the ability, need, or desire to specify a number or an exact amount. For example:

I ate four bananas for breakfast this morning. 

I ate some bananas for breakfast this morning. 


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