While many things bind us together as humans, time is one of the strongest. No matter what time zone you live and work in, we all only have 24 hours a day. With our few short years on earth, we all want to do something worthy of our time. We want to make a difference; leave an impact; change the world.

So as you decide how to invest your precious days, months, and years, here are some time-related idioms to help fuel your English communication: (more…)

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Travel Phrasal Verbs

One of my favorite activities while traveling is connecting with people from different nationalities and different backgrounds. In an airport, I feel like I am stepping outside of space and time, where cultures mingle and every person is looking forward to a new adventure or a homecoming. Getting a new perspective, a fresh idea, or making an important new contact is just a conversation away.

As the universal language, English is the bridge that makes these connections possible – and there are enough things for you to think about without having to worry about the phrasal verbs used in the journey. We put together a list of phrasal verbs to make traveling simple and enjoyable. Which phrasal verbs did you already know, and which ones are new to you? (more…)

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Gaining a New Perspective


    1. The world is more connected than it has ever been before in history, but learning a new perspective still requires dedication and pursuit. “Gaining a new perspective” is a phrase we are all familiar with from the time we begin to grasp our own language and perspective of the world. Growing up, books from a wide variety of genres opened me up to new worlds I had never seen, and by the time I graduated from college I had traveled quite a bit and experienced several other cultures – enough to feel like I had gained this “new perspective” everyone talked about. But it wasn’t until the last couple of years that I discovered how much more there is to the world, how much more room there was for my perspective to broaden – and it came in learning a new language.


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